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Reports in the UK say that NSA engineers helped GCHQ develop the Optic Nerve program.

A number of other Java coders, too many to list, also contributed comments and suggestions - many of which made it into the package. Morris, who submitted some example code for the support library; Phinaes Gage, who submitted a working SHA-1 implementation after the Java API version could not be used; and Kulvir Singh Bhogal, who wrote a beginner's tutorial for j YMSG.Naturally thanks must also go to Source Forge, who host this project for free, along with countless other GPL and Open Source efforts.Thomas told the Post that the FBI has had these tools for years but uses "Rattingly" (the webcam spying tool) sparingly.Szymon Sidor is a Polish-born software engineering genius currently working for Dropbox as an intern.HTTP authentication - use proxy username/passwords with HTTP proxy.

Configurable - host/port names accessible via properties.

Login timeouts - configurable login and chat login timeouts.

HTML/SOCKS proxy - connect via SOCKS and HTTP proxies.

Colour fade and alt text - fancy text colouring supported.

Emoticons (smileys) - decoded for Swing Document based text components.

This API provides a way for Java applications to connect and use the Yahoo Instant Messenger protocol, version 10 (YMSG-10) in a reasonably coder friendly and abstract way.