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Home Activity : Home Activity(352): *** Sending at: Fri Aug 12 GMT 2011 : Home Activity(352): *** Sending at: Fri Aug 12 GMT 2011 …: Home Activity(352): *** Sending at: Fri Aug 12 GMT 2011 : Activity Manager(60): Starting activity: Intent : Home Activity(352): *** Stopped service : Activity Manager(60): Displayed activity nl.jteam/.settings.It’s even more relevant in case of List Preference so that the user knows the current without having to tap and open up the dialog to see which radio button is checked indicating his current setting.

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is to add the preferences that are specified in the corresponding xml.In my implementation I have added a method that sets the selected value below the title.Which is why you shouldn’t do this: Shared Preferences.On Shared Preference Change Listener m Listener = new Shared Preferences. and then in on Resume() prefs.register On Shared Preference Change Listener(m Listener); Although I think the use case in which we made our Preference Activity or Preference Fragment implementation implement Shared Preferences.Just a heads up, I’ll be making use of String literals heavily in the XML resources, but you should consider using String resources because of its advantages.

It is recommended to use method gives a deprecated warning in Android Studio.

This also allows the app to dynamically generate the UI with the contextual details as well as use them for other purposes like “show me offers between -0 only” or “I want to see people aged 15-25”.

To achieve this, either you can definitely build your own set of Activities and layouts and manage a lot of the backend operations like CRUD all by yourself or use the Preference API to quickly build an interface that has the same look and feel as the System Settings app where you go to change all your phone settings.

We’re done with comprehending how to build the Preferences screen and how it saves any changes to Shared Preferences.

Now it’s time to learn how to read the preferences so that we can actually make use of them to make the app more suitable for its users.

Although two headers can also use the same Preference Fragement based on the Intent Data passed.