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They are officially the third singer-actor couple of the year following Lee Joon and Jung So Min and MBLAQ's G. on Thu, Jan 11, 2018 EXO's Kai simply can't help but be cute and adorable.Ginza, a Japanese fashion and lifestyle magazine, interviewed the popular singer, who is kicking up a storm in drama-land with his new J-drama Spring Has Come.

I especially liked his character in the new movie Villainess although it ended on a sad note, but I also highly recommend watching High Society. I hope one day I get to meet him in person, I started watching Korean dramas for the sake of learning the language and get a glance of how the culture is portrait in their films, That I was fascinated even more when I watched "in need or romance 3." There is a very deep sensitive knowing side to this man. I love Sung Joon he's so cute and I love how well he portrays all the characters he play in dramas. Spent few days for my kdrama marathon watching all his drama series and still craving for more.... Luv it when he's using a deep voice..deeper than normal. I hope you success in no matter what carrer you doing . And i was interesting with him so much in madame antoine, and rn i'm watching discovery of love :) Dongsaeng ㅋㅋㅋ youre younger than me.. I love your voice at madame antoine, when you sing two person by park jang hyun. And i look you very interesting to be psikiater at Hyde Jekyll and also at Madame Antoine.. In my opinion,being an actor with deep speaking voice may make viewers feel less connected to what that actor delivers onscreen and he does face that problem to me. I would love to see you in a drama with Park Geum Young. And it's so weird because I read the same thing below too! It's been almost a week I'm searching about him throughout internet hahaha... Yoon Tae in 'Hyde, Jekyll, I' despite of his character turned to be evil as the episode goes. The writers for this drama captured the human heart/emotions realistically and you did such an excellent job with your character Joo Wan/Allen Joo.... I hope we get to see him more in korean dramas as the lead role. I hope I see him in better roles (not sidekicks) in good drama/movies. Love him in Lie to Me, like I can feel a certain aura from him... I saw him at first in hyde jekyll and me AND I WAS SOOOO IN LOVE WITH HIS ACTING OMG then i watched high society but a bit dissapointed with his character there even it suits a bit with him hehe i mean his facial expression though. I love Sung Joon very much,both his acting and himself. Flower Boy Band and then last year i get to watch him in both Gu Family Book and High Society and also this year in Madame Antoine. i first saw you in High Society which i watched recently en i'm planing to watch all your dramas. He has a very nice low voice, which is good if he can do some slow numbers... They don't look exactly the same but they have the same aura and smile! But seriously, he's one of the best actors and he has chemistry with all of his leading ladies even if he's casted with not so great female leads! I decided to see all his works, just finished I need romance 3, and my heart is still fluttering like mad : P, He is so hot that he should be made illegal. It was a drama that had a lot of lessons in it about love which I could look over my life and appreciate. He is just suppressing himself to squeeze into that character. he doesn't lk like park shin hye, he's taller, skinnier, older and he is a MAN sry im overloading cuz what u said is mean.But, did you know the popular actor originally wanted to play a different character? on Fri, Jan 12, 2018 Fans are excited that EXO's Kai is starring in the new J-drama Spring Has Come.

Another reason for the heightened anticipation is that the EXO boys will sing an original theme song for the new drama. he is the type of actor or celeb you wished was your boyfriend. I love how he dropped his tears but still showing strong cool character. Its so good that mgy and psj turn down the offer to do the lead role...and sung joon is the best for the role..of the best drama I've watched this year 2015..joon is the best and can pull off a great and daebak kissing scene that you sometime wish that you are the girl lol...kidding aside this drama is superb He is definitely main character worthy when it comes to getting the audiences attention Sung Joon is an expert at that, and I completely agree with his kiss scenes, they are so good that I find myself envious of the female lead and wanting more. I am watching "Shut Up Flower Boy Band" and I wasn't too drawn to him at first but after the 3rd episode he became irresistible!! Develop your skills more take some real singing training and learn music try classical guitar. Not an over the top crying, quiet, but a lot of pain put through the screen so that viewers could feel it. He is very talented and I wanna see him in a role which will bring out his full potential. But really when I want to start talking I just dont know how to start.... I looooooooove you and I hope I can visit korea one day and see you -- I know you are busy sooo its ok If i dont see you :p hahaha JK ..., love you Oppa The first time he cried in Gu Family Book, my heart break.And for me Sung Joon is the absolute king of romantic young male leads. ), I also wish to see him doing other projects to showcase his talent. I mean, he's so charming but always end up in a boring drama (hyde jekill, high society,madame antoine, etc) . in all the dramas that i have seen, he was always paired up with older actresses.they are all very experienced actresses and famous see you in more works.u will get to work with a younger actress as well.fighting for your current drama!!!! Please update this to complete the sign-up process.