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There are some cases where characters were deleted due to crossplay.

Top Known Issues for DC Universe Online This article will serve as a central reference point for current and ongoing in-game, technical and account-related issues.PS4 Missing Marketplace Cash or Legendary status If you recently purchased Marketplace Cash or a Legendary subscription and have not received it yet, please be aware that it may not automatically update.If not, please open a support ticket: Did Not Receive Legendary Status When purchasing a membership on the PSN, the membership entitlement may time out based on how busy the PSN is.If you believe the mission, task, or feat is bugged you may want to post on the forums or report it on the Community Bug Tracker Site here: Respec Tokens (Power/Body/Movement) Be sure to be extremely careful when using a token to adjust your character.

Any modification made to your character with power, body, or movement tokens are final. If you are unhappy with the results of your modifications you will need to purchase a new token to revert the changes.If you wish to play on another server you will need to makea new character. All old PSG accounts became unrecoverable as of 1/31/2015.Name Changes If you wish to change your characters name you will need to purchase a rename token from the Marketplace.Legendary status may take up to 24 hours, Marketplace Cash may take up to 72 hours.Try logging out of the game completely for 15 minutes and then check to see if it updates.Deleted Characters Please take the utmost care when deleting your character.