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He goes home only to find Jacob Marley waiting for him.

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(Authors: James Jack and Cameron Smith) A Christmas Odyssey : A Christmas play looking towards Easter. (Author: John Mc Neil) A Christmas to Remember : Scrooge is meddling around his theater office trying to get ready for an upcoming show he is supporting, not knowing the play is titled "Under a Star", which of course is a Christmas play.When he discovers it is a Christmas play he decides to sabotage the show.(Author: Warren Judkins) A Devil of a Date : Four very un-angelic characters set out to destroy the dates of some human couples.(Author: John Mc Neil) A Different Kind of Love : The story of Sister Faustina Kowalska, a simple Polish girl who had an influence well beyond the walls of her convent, and was eventually declared a saint.(Author: Erina Caradus) 3 Shopping Days Till Christmas : Finding the true meaning of Christmas among the intense commercialism of the season is explored in this play, which includes extracts from two other scripts, making a full-length production.

The two scripts are: 'Christmas carols vs scripture' by Bob Snook ©1999 Bob Snook.

(Author: John Charles Siedenberg II) A Cloud of Witnesses : Everyone has something to contribute to the Kingdom &besides excuses.

(Author: Eric Fisher) A Collector of Fine Things : This sketch follows a thief through a few of his robberies until he is arrested and crucified next to a very familiar man.

In a dramatic twist, it is discovered that the man they've met up with is no ordinary carpenter.

(Author: Cindy Hagen) A Feast of Ages (madrigal dinner) : An ideal script for a theatre restaurant.

(Authors: Sarah Nixon and Laura Barr) A good day...