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Over 170,000 people saw it.'We are still investigating this theft.

From CCTV It is believed Mika was picked up by a white 4x4, possibly a Ford Ranger or Toyota Hilux.The vehicle has two windows either side by the door (indicating a crew cab) and it has three white bars over the rear window.'If you were in the Dog and Duck, Outwood on 20/8/17 at around or when Mika was found on 23/8/17 at around and have a dash cam please let us know.'When Mika was stolen the vehicle entered the car park from the direction of Smallfield and left towards Nutfield.At the time of their disapperance the families of all three Bethnal Green schoolgirls made headlines in February 2015 after making a series of desperate public appeals for information on the missing teenagers. 'There are many examples of people who have gone out there, seen the lay of the land for what it is and discovered that it is far from what the Isis propaganda tells them it will be and then they want to come back.'Kadiza: 'You know the borders are closed right now, so how am I going to get out? Why not subscribe to the Genealogy Discount newsletter and have the latest offer news delivered to your inbox?

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Mrs Culverwell said: 'She definitely knew she was home and was very happy to see us, but a little more wary with visitors than she had been before .

'I'd like to think she had been well looked after but she looks a little thin and was starving hungry and looked pretty dehydrated.

The family believe Mika, who has not been spayed, was taken by dog breeders because she is a pure-bred cocker spaniel.

Mrs Culverwell was walking the cocker spaniel in fields near The Dog and Duck between 12.30pm and 1.30pm on Sunday before having lunch with her parents at the pub.

'Still all those things can be sorted and she has a scheduled vet appointment for her 3rd set of injections today - so it was very kind of her to come home in time for that, and Timea's GCSE results! 'I just want to thank everyone who worked so hard to bring her home.