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Brad went for a nice long drive, while Cam washed some of his. This episode of the Cammed & Tubbed Podcast is brought to you by Manuel Carrillo III and his Project Stork 1977 Porsche 911S. We had some technical difficulties on Cam's end, for some reason his recording didn't sync properly, so we had to make some funny edits. This week, we're joined once ag This is an attempted restoration of the very first episode of Cammed & Tubbed.

Cam and Brad and Manuel sit around to talk project cars, road trips, and more. The audio isn't great, but you can finally hear the first episode in all of its, uh, glory.

He's well-known for his Team Petty Cash Jeep Cherokee Le Mons team, and he's got a lot of interesting s This question Tuesday features not only the classic lineup of Cam, Brad, and Jason, but also Manuel Carrillo III and Rick Radcliffe!

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Bradley is a Porsche fanatic of the first degree, a wanna-be automotive journalist (contributing to, various Internet Brands sites, and The regularly), and a lover of the eclectic.Current projects include an Audi Ur S6, a 912E, and a Porsche 986 Boxster.Cam and Brad talk about the impending death of Sears & Craftsman Tools, Porsche collectibles at auction, a Le Mons race Brad went to, Radwood's location, a new home for Rowdy, and what car they'd drive the long way from Paris to New York.Cam and Brad are joined by Eric Rood, of the DFL Show and Roadkill, Eric and Cam bond over a shared love of baseball and music, while Brad tries to keep the show on the rails by discussing new cars at geneva.Listener, patron, friend, and all-around cool guy Alex Staidle joins Cam & Brad to share stories about cursed cars, tinkering, rallying, and how the Midwest and West Coast differ when it comes to the car hobby.

Listener questions are answered, and the g If you can make it through Cam discussing cats and football, Brad has some updates on the Audi.We discuss how to transport a bigfoot, how we'd spent ten grand on one of our cars, and what car we'd swap a small Ford V-8 into, among other questions. Cam has finally seen Baby Driverso the hiatus is over, and not a moment too soon, as Brad has finally returned from his long trip.The boys discuss the movie, our months in review, Brad's new MG and cam's new Puch moped, and the ne This week, Cam & Brad are joined once again by Rob Siegel, the Hack Mechanic, who has recently published several more books, including one about a harebrained plot to get a non-running BMW 2002tii back on the road and drive it 1,000 miles home.Cam talks about his new RX-7 seats, while This week, Cam is in a good mood, Brad is preparing for a campout, listeners suggest winter beaters for Cam & his girlfriend, Brad talks about meeting Tanner Foust, and Cam discusses a potential Corvette project.Cam & Brad got together on the Fourth of July to discuss their days off - it turns out both had an eventful day.Lots of Halloween horror questions & answers in this one.