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We were so excited to do these, they were so great.

Is there any relationship other than strictly a professional one? It’s more of a sibling relationship, we pick on each other a lot.I think the reason the show has been so successful is that we all have a natural chemistry. We also look at what is going on in the media at that time, for instance, balloon boy. KB: I don’t know, half the stuff I do, he’s like “I cant believe you even wanted to do that stuff, that’s nuts! He does all sorts of things that boys want to do as well.If we decided to do that, we might do it sooner than later. I have the support of my husband and my girlfriend who takes care of my baby when I am at work. He races motorcycles and is a tattoo artist and is just generally a bad-ass. It is basically that the race car can move so fast and have so much downwind force that it can drive upside down on the track.We have, where we have a message board where you can send in your ideas, or if you’ve read something in a history book that sounds totally absurd, and you want to see if its true.

You give us the myth ideas, and then they might just make it on the show.

Interning for M5 Industries, Kari was first utilized for her “behind” for an early episode about a woman getting stuck on an airplane toilet. I wanted to try to get into special effects and I love sculpture, so I wanted to apply it and actually make some money out of it other than in the arts.

Since then, she has shown off more than just her romper with risqu© photos in FHM Magazine, becoming one of the most fantasized about engineers of all time. And so I came to Jamie in the shop, M5 Industries and asked for an internship.

Then we break up the projects, film it, and then it goes into editing. If it takes three days to come up with a number to calibrate a cannon; it takes three days. BLAST: What does it feel like being the only girl on the show?

It usually takes between 3 and 6 months before the show goes to air. We don’t have a huge staff of people that come in and do all the work for us. You guys get to see the ten-seconds it gets edited down to when it might have taken 100 hours to film. KB: You know I am only the only girl on camera, but off camera we have female researchers, producers and coordinators. You only see me on screen, but it’s a huge team effort behind the camera, so it doesn’t feel like I am the only girl in any way. KB: Now that I had a kid, I am really glad I did it back then.

So since we had so many people send us myths about duct tape, we decided to just got for it. It was so popular, that that’s one that people keep stopping me on the street to tell me new ideas about.