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The deepest part of any ocean on earth is just over 7 miles.1.An angle less than 90 degrees, like the angles of a triangle.2.

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Poe used some fairly obscure words that you may not be familiar with.

Because of this, I have created the following list of words and phrases.

Most people know the term "league" from the title of the book by Jules Verne, "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea".

The number in this story refers to the distance travelled by the fictional submarine, not how deep it went.And in last night's episode there was girl that I thought was one of the most stunning women I ever saw on TV, the blonde who kills her husband.This is not the kind of show I would have expected to like or even watch but I will definitely be watching from now on and if you happen to be reading this and don't know if it is for you, I would say give it a chance because it's a pretty smart, hip, fairly subversive little show. It appears that Lydia Gonzales and the men and women of Cuesta Verde Precinct 13 are about to have a very, very bad Christmas.[ This might sound nuts to you, but with no Mad Men on TV this summer, my favorite television show right now is a little late night guilty pleasure called Femme Fatales. But after seeing a few commercials on Cinemax after a movie I was watching, I thought I'd hit the record button on my DVR and check it out when I was really, really bored when my girlfriend wasn't around.The bulge in the blood vessel can burst and lead to death at any time.