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Mommy Got Boobs is Brazzers' marriage of, well, the MILF and "Boobie" genres.The choice might at first, anyway seem a bit counteruitive, but I can assure you that the tour page exhibits visually appealing older ladies with very large and perky breasts.

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If I have any complaint at all, it would be that the default setting is the HD, which is understandably quite slow for those on low-end and dial-up connections.

However, this is easy enough to fix since the Brazzers allows users to tweak their own personal settings.

Streaming, too, has improved, so much so that we now have pretty much the same options as we do for downloads.

And while I can't tell you what the download rate was here in 2005, I can tell you that today it's clocks in at a lightning fast 1.2 megs-per-second.

And at a mere .95 per month, this is a deal that's hard to beat.

Gorgeous Joey is currently sick with pneumonia and cannot take calls =( She will be back by as soon as she can. My Brazilian wax is always fresh and sweet and my well-toned body is ready to take you away from the mundane.

The latter both shared a 640 x 480 resolution and a, by today's standards, fairly low bitrate.

The latest updates, however, are available in a variety of different bandwidth levels, all the way up to a very sharp, lifelike 1080p HD MPEG-4.

I only mention this because it would have been easy for them to adopt a devil-may-care attitude and rely more on the multitude of updates provided by the network, and it's nice to see that they're still putting effort into all of their individual sites.

Particularly this one since, well, it's currently up for review.

But if that's not a problem for you, then everything should be just hunky-dory.