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Arthur Collins, the father of The Only Way is Essex star's newborn child, faces a 'substantial' jail sentence for throwing the corrosive substance over a crowd at Mangle E8 in Dalston, east London, in one of Britain's worst acid attacks.

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He said police intelligence suggested Collins had 'been both on the giving end and receiving end of previous gangland incidents leading up to this.' Mr D'Alessio described it as a 'gangland war that has unfortunately drawn members of the public into it'.

Victims described a burning smell after the acid was thrown.

But she added: 'I will continue to be as I was and I'm not going to let it stop my life.'Piers Morgan told viewers: 'If you are tempted to use acid, watch this young woman and how traumatised she is. There's nothing he could say that would justify what he did that night. She wears a pressure garment on her left arm to keep the wounds from thickening, and is due to receive laser therapy on some of the worst-affected areas.'It's not just physically scarring, it's mentally which is the hardest,' she said.'Now I have a life sentence to deal with, with scars and mental injuries.

'Ask yourself, what kind of snivelling little coward would take a little piece of acid and throw it at people. I made that call to my mum, with my dad next to her in bed. Even if you go on holiday and want to wear a swimsuit.'Asked by Holly and Phillip what she would say to Arthur Collins, she said: 'What do you say to someone who throws acid? If it was your 22-year-old daughter, or your sister, or your mother or a really close friend? And I have to see a therapist about twice a week because I'm dealing with such bad anxiety and panic attacks and sleep paralysis.'Miss Trent, originally from Bournemouth, recalled being surprised at the relaxed manner of door staff as she made her way into the club on the April bank holiday Sunday evening.'I've got a baby face and I always get ID'd, always, everywhere.

Police had found a fully functioning cannabis farm, along with weapons including a taser and two cans of CS gas at Collins' home, it can be revealed today.

'This was essentially an incident between one set of gang members against another set of gang members,' prosecutor Mr D'Alessio told a previous court hearing.

Victims can be of any age, sex, race, culture, religion, education, employment or marital status.

Although both men and women can be abused, most victims are women.

Miss Trent appeared on This Morning today where she revealed the ongoing anxiety she experiences in the wake of the attack. I sustained injuries to my neck, my chest, mainly my tummy, my legs and my feet. He said it was an 'exceptional' case because of the circumstances and the 'severity' of the injuries he inflicted on numerous clubbers.

The 22-year-old, who has been left with scars on her neck, chest, legs and feet, said: 'It was my 22nd birthday. There were tears in the public gallery, which was packed with Collins' friends and family, as the jury's verdicts were read out.

They said their skin started 'blistering straight away' before everyone started 'screaming, shouting, running'.