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At current credit values and CARB assumptions, this represents credits equivalent to the sale of over 450,000 ZEVs.

For the nine other states that adopted the ZEV regulation, the credit structure for electric vehicle sales remains essentially the same as in California.

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The provision has also created an incentive to concentrate sales of battery electric and fuel cell vehicles in California.However, in 2018 the travel provision will be removed, except for fuel cell vehicles.Because not all vehicles receive a flat 1 credit per sale, the ZEV credit percentage does not directly reflect the EV sales percentage.CARB’s most recent assessment of the ZEV program estimates automakers will need to reach less than 8 percent ZEV sales by 2025 to meet the 22 percent ZEV credit requirement.However, this does mean they’ll sell 4,500 electric cars and trucks, as most ZEVs generate more than one credit per vehicle (see below).

Automakers earn credits by selling zero emission cars and trucks.This should increase model availability and sales numbers outside California.The pooling provision allows automakers to over-comply in one eastern ZEV state and transfer the extra credits to another eastern ZEV state.The credit requirement rises to 22 percent in 2025, which will require about 8 percent of sales to be ZEVs.There are also restrictions on the amount of credits that can come from ‘transitional’ ZEVs that still have an engine.Battery electric and fuel cell vehicles receive between 1 and 4 credits, based on range.