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Her quest is to confront the culprit in real life and get revenge.

She plans to confess to the schools prince, Suga-senpai, when shes chosen and be his first girlfriend.

However, her guy friend, Yuuma, who has always supported her, opposes her this time.

After having lived in so many places, he has lost all conception of what it means to have a home. Adult version – contains all three arcs, with sexual content and nudity. Nearly ten years has passed since Riku last saw Nonami Kitahara.

Now she has changed from the little girl he remembers her as into a young woman.

Will their friendship change now that the two have been reunited after so long?

A girl who was born and raised in this town all her life."This wasn't my home" thought Riku Saionji as he walked into his new house.After ten years of moving around the world with his father, he has returned to Japan, the place of his birth. Over 100,000 words and 35 CGs make up three endings and over 8 hours of story, available for Windows XP , Mac OS X 10.4 , and Linux.But watch out, you will need to balance study with romance and friendship, because high school drop-outs are distinctly unattractive.You are the princess of the fantasy kingdom of Zeiva and for your sixteenth birthday you receive a Luv Luv machine. Things can go quite wrong in this fantasy world, and you will need to make the correct choices to help your character marry Prince Charming. Of course it was the cute petite little pixie who beat the crap out of me most often. But I'll never forget a lover I had once who was..of like a giant Mae West. I've made some interesting friends, though, being that I am one of those women who has all male friends.