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We're not forgetting about that part of the game either," said Hickman. We're doing lots of stuff around flashpoints and operations and raid bosses and Pv P and that stuff. "If you want to come and play eight really awesome Bio Ware Star Wars game, come to Star Wars: The Old Republic. You can level up your character through your story. Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire will be released in October, as a benefit to subscribers. Introducing the Alliance System Be it the cheeky Astromech Droid, the stalwart Wookiee partner-in-crime, the ambitious upstart apprentice that is yours alone to mold, or any of the other 40-odd characters found in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ to-date; we all know and love our Companions (especially the chronically under-appreciated ship droids! Companion characters have always been a big part of our personal stories, and with the upcoming release of the new Digital Expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire, comes an even deeper focus on characters and storytelling.

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The simple reality is that, more often than not, the need to gear Companions has wound up being more of a cumbersome hindrance -- not to mention a significant barrier to Companion use -- than a source of meaningful or satisfying Companionship and progression.

The recent 12xp experience promotion and the Epic Story Boost have only brought this issue into sharper relief.

Therefore, with the release of Game Update 4.0 in October, Companions will no longer gain combat stats from their gear; Companion gear will become purely aesthetic.

This change also means that players can now freely use non-modable gear pieces to dress Companions, without having to worry about subpar stats!

As much as possible, we want you to be able to participate in the story and make the decisions that you feel are true to your character.

Expandability and Versatility Simply put, we need to make sure the Companion system has both the versatility, and expandability necessary to keep up with your desires to have bolder, more meaningful choice options, as well as to fully utilize the incredible storytelling potential of Knights of the Fallen Empire’s episodic narrative.

EA is essentially saying that anyone who is interested in a big Star Wars RPG from Bio Ware can play one right now.

It's basically a personal role-playing saga starring the Outlander, a veteran of the Great Galactic War whose task is nothing less than taking down the Emperor of the Eternal Throne.

Bio Ware is using the expansion to have a big house-clearing of its MMO, which is now more than three years old and has been in development for nine years. Also, anyone who engages with the expansion has the option to immediately jump to a Level 60 character.

According to Bio Ware Austin General Manager Jeff Hickman, all of TOR's stories are being "streamlined to make them more fun." He stressed at a recent press event that anyone who wants to engage in traditional MMO activities can do so, but that leveling up is now going to be a less time-consuming activity.

Now that any Companion can fill any role, we will no longer have situations where we can't allow "serious consequences" to befall certain Companions, just because it might leave a player with no other Companion that can fill a given role.