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Over the past decade, the angle of AR pistol grip has been a major factor in deciphering between the different options on the market.

The ATG grip is the first and only fully functional adjustable angle AR pistol grip.

Having the ideal pistol grip angle will reduce wrist fatigue while increasing accuracy and comfort.

For the recreational shooter, the ideal angle is strongly driven by personal preference. Our Checkout page uses the absolute highest level of Internet SSL Security and personal information is NOT sold or traded.

First mobile AR browser already exists, becoming also a marketplace for AR apps. Even print media like The NYT are launching augmented reality projects.

Retailers too are eager to provide new tools that better the shopping experience.Moreover, few early adopters of augmented reality, Ikea and Wayfair, have stated it has driven their sales.The discussion is yet open among marketers – do we bet on augmented reality or reality, as in traditional shopping?De seneste år er der reklameret massivt for dating online, hvilket sandsynligvis har vakt en interesse hos flere etablerede udenlandske udbydere af dating sites, som er kommet ind for at snuppe markedsandele fra de danske dating sider.Finanskrisens indtog ser også ud til at have skabt en øget vækst i antallet af danskere der gør brug af dating sider til at finde den eneste ene. siden sidst i 2011, er antallet af brugere af dating sider steget fra 300.000 om måneden til hele 500.000 brugere af dating sider om måneden.Please ensure the grip is properly installed and tightened prior to use.