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The tick operations are placed on the Dispatcher queue, so if the computer is under a lot of pressure, your operation might be delayed. NET framework promises that the Tick event will never occur too early, but can't promise that it won't be slightly delayed.

However, for most use cases, the Dispatcher Timer is more than precise enough.

WPF provides us with many built-in native (and intuitive) functions that we can use. Data Binding in WPFTo understand the WPF's data binding, we must first understand what data binding itself is.

Data binding is a process in which you bind data to a control.

Let's try a simple example where we use a Dispatcher Timer to create a digital clock: The XAML part is extremely simple - it's merely a centered label with a large font size, used to display the current time.

Code-behind is where the magic happens in this example.

The Dispatcher Timer class works by specifying an interval and then subscribing to the Tick event that will occur each time this interval is met.

The Dispatcher Timer is not started before you call the Start() method or set the Is Enabled property to true.

We highly recommend to license your Fluent UI based application and learn full guidelines, see Fluent UI licensing page.

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What I mean is that you can control (and alter) one control's property (whatever) based on what the other control has in its property.

WPF is a framework used to define graphics and user-interface controls on the screen.

To show what the Dispatcher Timer is capable of, let's try updating more frequently... As you can see, we now ask the Dispatcher Timer to fire every millisecond!