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Go to regular site Welcome to Knoll Dressage | Orlando Dressage Facility Toggle navigation Welcome to Knoll Dressage About History Staff Services Facility Horses for Sale Clinics Our Services Welcome to Knoll Dressage Our Facility Horses for Sale Our History Clinics About Knoll Dressage Our Trainers and Staff Welcome To Knoll Dressage Knoll Dressage, a world-class dressage training and boarding facility in Orlando, Florida, has been at the forefront of the equestrian world since 1969.

Our renowned and internationally recognized trainers and staff have the knowledge and expertise to train horses and their riders through the levels, preparing riders for national as well as international competitions.

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Successful, world-renowned coaches come to Knoll Dressage to host insightful, effective clinics, and our trainers provide riders with every opportunity for success.

When you step inside Knoll Dressage, you’ll find an atmosphere that has been fine-tuned to promote equestrian success.

, ending the game and restoring the jungle to peace.