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A really great job in my company just opened up (basically my boss’s old job).

Since I know the work well, I think I’m a great candidate.

Is this something I should completely avoid mentioning in the future, or just play it by ear?

I would hate to have to hide something like this from my job, and it’s not like I’m going to be working with children, or in a particularly “prude” city or industry. I really want to be able to tell you that you don’t need to worry about it …

Your idea about each director having a corporate card makes a lot of sense, and you all should advocate for that.

You may or may not get the policy changed, but it’s the type of thing that employers often do until people make a stink about it.

since most reference-checkers vastly prefer talking to managers rather than peers (for the reasons here). Unfortunately, I wouldn’t — it sounds like she’s dashed her credibility with them.

Plus, they know her and know she managed your work, so if they want to talk to her, they’ll reach out to her regardless of whether she’s on your reference list.I would ask my old boss to be my reference, but they were fired for an incident involving my work during which they misrepresented the company.I don’t know to what extent they believe I was involved (I wasn’t at all and didn’t even know what they had done or that they were fired until afterwards).I am a young professional with only a few years of experience in my field.As such, I have few former supervisors in this field who can serve as references.(And because your organization is small, it’ll be easier to get your voices heard, and it make it easier to change policies like this without going through hundreds of layers of bureaucracy too.) 4.