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So gents, what I’m essentially saying, is that while it’s important to accept and embrace the aging process, using it as an excuse for not working hard to be the best version of yourself is no bueno, and quite frankly, un YOGish.

Find your own trigger that reminds you how incredibly short life is, and to be the best version of you which is capable of squeezing every last drop out of the rest of your life.

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Po uplynutí tejto lehoty je príspevok považovaný za prijatý. Vyhlasovateľ si vyhradzuje právo upraviť pravidlá súťaže. Not only about the topic given, but you are going to describe pictures as well.

Príspevky posielajte e-mailom na adresu: [email protected] formáte MS Word. Zároveň je potrebné v elektronickej forme poslať vyplnenú prihlášku, ktorej predloha je tu uvedená. Príspevok, ktorý nevyhovie podmienkam, bude vrátený odosielateľovi do 14 dní. Práce posúdi odborná porota, ktorá navrhne vyhlasovateľom súťaže udeliť ocenenia autorom víťazných prác v každej kategórii One of the essential skills which u should be good at, and which, in fact, is tested at the oral part of your final exam is speaking.

For me it is way more satisfying to overcome the challenges of getting older than simply giving in to them.

Turning 40 has also exposed just how much time has passed, and passed quickly, especially when my celebrations have reunited me with long time friends after many years of absence.

Therefore it is important to accept that it requires harder work and discipline to minimize such effects of aging.

Embrace it, and revel in the satisfaction of not allowing the aging process to take hold and beat you down.But the numerical yearly value attached to my time on this Earth has a powerful effect on perception as it ticks over into a new decade.And the perception seems to be universal, which influences my perception even more, especially when the most commonly asked question to me over the past three weeks has been “so how do you feel about turning 40?– I am the most self aware I’ve ever been, and the closest I’ve ever been to mastering the power of living in, and appreciating the present moment, rather than focusing on the past or future, neither of which exist.– I am more committed than ever to surrounding myself with good people, and avoiding or eradicating those from my life who don’t serve as a positive or uplifting influence.Připravte se na spoustu legrace i dojetí ve filmu Zásnuby na dobu neurčitou s Jasonem Segelem (Mupeti) a Emily Blunt (Ďábel nosí Pradu), v rolích milenců, kteří se ne a ne vzít, protože jim v cestě za dokonalou svatbou neustále stojí nějaké pracovní povinnosti, rodinné tlaky a spousta jiných překážek.